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Revive Us Ministries Vision

The Vision that God has placed on my heart for my ministry is:

"I am called to bring Revival to the Church
and Equip the Saints for Evangelism"

Revive Us Ministries Vision Explanation

Revive Us Ministries Vision

Revival is something that we all dream about but few of us have seen it first hand. The people that have seen Revival have been blessed and they can testify to us about the Power of God and how He moved upon His people. True Revival brings transformation to God's people and they will never be the same again. The dictionary defines Revival as: renewed attention to or interest in something, a period of renewed religious interest, or an often highly emotional evangelistic meeting or series of meetings. The bible gives us prophesies concerning Revival (please look in the box below).

We know that God can send Revival because He has done it in the past and we also have the promises we find in the Scriptures. 2 Chronicles 7:14 states that "If My People, who are called by My Name..." IF MY PEOPLE... The scripture is not talking about the millions of unsaved in Canada. God is saying that if His People will do what He is asking them to do, THEN He will be released to send the promise found in the second half of the verse.

Revive Us Ministries Vision

If we truly want to see God's Glory fall on Canada then we have got to do our part; Humble ourselves; Pray; Seek His Face; and Turn from our wicked ways; Repent brothers and sisters... Repent from your sins, Repent from your addictions, Repent from whatever you are doing that is unpleasing in the eyes of God... THEN He will be released to do what He says He will do... He will hear our prayers; He will forgive our sins and HE WILL HEAL OUR LAND!!! Praise His Holy Name!!

The second part of the Vision comes from Ephesians 4:11-12: "And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ." My calling to equip the saints for the work of Evangelism is based on these verses. I feel that the 10-1 vision will help God's people to become people of blessing living out the Great Commission (See Matthew 28:19). In becoming people of blessing we will see Christ formed within us to the point that we are walking as He did. For more on The 10-1 please click here

I have coined a phrase that says, "Evangelism is a side effect of Revival." When God's people experience Personal Revival or Corporate Revival, they cannot help themselves, they tell everyone about it. The power of the Holy Spirit is also on them and they let their light shine for all to see. That is why I believe that Revival, either personal or corporate, is essential to us as Christians if we are to go and make disciples of the entire world. We have a hope tucked inside us that the world is seeking. We have the Love of a Heavenly Father that cries out to the lost. We all have loved ones who are heading straight to hell and don't know it or worse, don't care! I invite you to join with me in praying that God will send Revival through the land. Pray that the Harvest that is so huge will be brought in. Pray that God's Will may reign supreme in Canada. I thank you for your time and hope you have an awesome day.

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