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Revival Campaigns

Revival Campaigns (Multiple Days) - The focus of the message God wants me to speak to the church is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14. God is calling His people to a deeper level of Holiness and Righteousness. The scripture tells us that we are to turn from our wicked ways. I believe we have a misunderstanding of what a wicked way is. Based on Scripture, I will preach and challenge the Body of Christ to look deep into their lives and see what things they are doing that God might consider a wicked way. There is a promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and we need to do our part so God can be released to do His.

'Praying for Medicine Hat' Vision - This is the latest vision I am working on developing at Glenview Nazarene Church in Medicine Hat, AB. The Vision is to pray through the Medicine Hat Phonebook this year and continue to pray for the 3500 names we have on our Responsibility Lists. This vision continues to grow each week through the following means:

Praying for Medicine Hat
  • The Website.
  • This Website utilizes online forms for submitting names, hours prayed and praise reports as well as reporting Phonebook Pages.
  • There are forms available for submitting names on the Altars as well as on the door to our Prayer Chapel. Christians are encouraged to fill in the names of family and friends and place the forms in my mailbox.
  • Concert of Prayer - this is a monthly prayer gathering where we meet on the first Wednesday night of each month from 7:00 to 9:00pm and we will corporately pray for the lists.
We have already seen fruit from this ministry as members of our own church that are being prayed for on the lists have already taken further steps deeper into the Kingdom. We Praise God for answering our prayers!! For more information please select one of the following links:

The 10 - 1 Vision

The 10 - 1 Vision - The Vision for the 10 - 1 is:

'With the help of The Holy Spirit, I will
bless the first 10 people I meet every day,
(starting with those in my own home)
in the hope that I may serve 1 person'

The basis behind the 10 - 1 goes back to a prayer I made to God in the spring of 2007 where I asked God what to do in my ministry. I believe God answered me by saying, "Just do what Jesus did." After months of working that out in my own thinking, I came to the conclusion that it is quite simple; Jesus blessed people and waited for God ordained opportunities to speak truth into people's lives.

The idea behind the 10-1 is based on the scripture found in Matthew 5:16

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see
your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven"

As we are letting our lights shine so brightly before men, we are trusting that the Holy Spirit is already working in the lives of the very people we are meeting and that God is setting up these Holy Appointments.

The bible shows us in Matthew 9:10-13 that Jesus spent time with tax collectors and sinners. When He was questioned about this, He replied that He did not come for the healthy but He came for the sick. Brothers and Sisters, we are living in a 'sick' world and we need to do what Jesus did. He entered into the lives of the very people He came to save. By entering into their lives, He showed them that He truly cared about them and that they were not worthless.

By embracing the 10 - 1 vision, we can accomplish two vital things:

  • We can become people of blessing.
  • We will see Christ being formed within us. (Galatians 2:20)

Both these things are important as we walk this Christian path. It is my belief that if we all do 10 - 1 ministry, we will all engage in effective evangelism and see changes in our communities.

Teaching and Preaching

Teaching & Preaching on the following subjects:

  • Developing Personal Prayer Disciplines and Prayer Ministries for your Church.
  • Healing Ministries.
  • The Effects of Pornography on a Christian's Life and the Hope that is found in Jesus Christ.
  • The Power of Praying together as Husband and Wife.
  • The Devastating Effect of Divorce and Healing Your Heart.

The above subjects are all as a result of the journey I have walked and lived. I am a victim of divorce, a man who recently received deliverance from a lifetime struggle with pornography and lust, and someone who had to deal with the subject of uncontrolled anger. Because of these struggles, I feel like I have something to say to the church. I also currently hold the title of Pastor in charge of Intercessory Prayer and Healing Ministry at Glenview Nazarene Church in Medicine Hat, Alberta and have served on staff for 6+ years.

Teaching and Training

Teaching & Training on the following subjects:

  • The Internet and the 21st Century Church
  • Optimizing Information Flow Through Emails and Newletters
  • Networking Solutions for your Church
  • Using Social Networks as a Christian
  • Consulting Services for getting your Church Online - (Free Estimates)

Please Check below if you would like more information on the costs involved in having Rev Murray Alan Kumm come to your Church.

Why Is This Important? - What to charge has always been a source of anxiety for me. I know I am called to preach Revival to the church and I would do it for free if I could but the reality is that if I want to continue doing this ministry, I have to charge a fee so I can afford to live AND continue to do what God has called me to do.

Don't Break The Bank

I chose the picture to the right to add a little chuckle to this page. I DO NOT have any intention to "Break The Bank" anywhere I go to do Revival/Evangelism Services.

So in response to Godly Council and much prayer I offer the following Fee Schedule and Personal Requirements

  • Daily Fee: $150.00
  • Travelling Expenses: 20/km or subsequent Airline costs
  • Accommodations: Please provide a Billet or a place to stay. If this is not possible then we will need to talk about accommodations and added expenses.
  • Meals: A Full Meal at Lunchtime would be appreciated. Because of preparation for the service, I find it hard to commit to being somewhere for suppertime. My only food issue is that I am allergic to all forms of Shellfish and Macadamia Nuts. (Provided sandwiches for after the Revival service would be a blessing but not necessary)

There is a Revival Fund through The Nazarene Church that will help smaller churches with the expense of doing Revivals. Please CLICK HERE to be taken to the page.

If you feel God has placed a desire in your heart to hold a Revival Campaign at your church and the above costs seem outside of what can be achieved, please feel free to still contact me. I am more interested in holding Revival services than I am about getting paid to do it. There are other ways that God can provide for me. Love Offerings each night of the Revival/Evangelism Campaign are just one way that I have seen God provide for my needs. As I say, if you feel God wants me to come to your church then please contact me and we can pray and see what God would do. God is my Provider and also my Boss. I will go where He sends me.

Preview Contractional Agreement - Please click on the following link to view and print the Booking and Contact sheet as well as viewing the additional Finance Sheet.

The information in the above documents will enable you to enter into an agreement with Rev Murray Alan Kumm with no hidden surprise. Please view the forms and be sure to Contact Rev Murray if you have any questions...

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