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Hello, My Name is Murray Kumm and I am a Registered Evangelist / Revivalist in The Church of the Nazarene. I would just like to take a few lines to give you some background information about who I am and why I feel so strongly about the call God has placed on my life.

Rev Murray Alan Kumm

I was born February 23, 1967 in Claresholm, Alberta. I walked outside of God's will for my life for the next 32 years. In April of 1999, my life came crashing down around me. My wife of nine years decided that I would never change and I was served with divorce papers and had a restraining order put against me. It was at that point that God was able to break into my life and that's when He found me. That started a nine year trek that had many ups and downs, both spiritually and emotionally, but the love and grace of God is big enough to handle any situation. It was through that time God started to talk to me about a call to Ministry.

I started the walk into Vocational Ministry by receiving a Local Ministers License from Glenview Nazarene Church in Medicine Hat, AB in December of 2003. I started the Nazarene Course of Study at the Medicine Hat Bible Institute (MHBI) in January of 2004. I received a Certificate in Ministerial Studies from MHBI in November 2006.

My Family

I have lived in Alberta all my life with a short 12 month stint in BC. I have lived in Medicine Hat for the past 14 years and I love this city. If you ever get the chance to visit here, I strongly suggest it. You will not be disappointed. I have two incredible children, Megan Elizabeth Anne (17) and Jamieson William Murray(15). They both live with their mother in Toledo, Ohio. I am very proud of my children as they are both Honour Role students and they have a strong love for God. Megan has aspirations of becoming a Doctor and is planning on heading off to Medical School next summer (2010). Jamieson wants to work in the Computer Programming field. I am happy to say that even though I only see them during summer time, I have a very strong relationship with each of them and I am excited for what God has planned for them in the future.

I have been very blessed in the past ten years to be part of such a strong family as Glenview Nazarene Church. These brothers and sisters have loved me throughout everything and have accepted me at face value. I Praise God for such a loving and accepting church family. I attribute my successes to all their prayers and I love them very much

Being called as an Evangelist/Revivalist was something I never imagined being possible. I was that person who loved to blend into the background. I never thought I would ever be up in front of people preaching God's word! But God had other plans and I thank Him for it. There is a fulfillment in my life when I am preaching and doing the work of the ministry. I love proclaiming God's truth to people. My vision is bigger than my understanding but I am so thankful that God has laid the path out before me. There is nothing God can't do through people who are willing to step out in faith and believe!

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