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Time for Introductions:
My Name is Rev. Murray Alan Kumm and I am a Registered Revivalist / Evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene Canada
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My Ministry Responsibilities: Along with the Registered Revivalist / Evangelist Role, I am also The Pastor Responsible for Prayer Ministries at Glenview Nazarene Church.
Revivalist / Evangelist
I have a call on my life and the vision I see is...
Prayer Ministries
The Prayer Vision at Glenview Nazarene Church is... more
New Website Launched - 16.10.2009
Revive Us WEB is Rev Murray's Tent Making ministry and we are pleased to present this new Revive Us Ministries Website... visit Revive Us WEB
'Praying for Medicine Hat' Vision - 01.09.2009
The Vision for the Prayer Ministry at Glenview is to pray for every person in Medicine Hat by name using the Phone book as well as praying for our Responsibility Lists... read more
The 10 - 1 Vision

"With the help of The Holy Spirit, I
will bless the first 10 people I meet
every day, (starting with those in my
own home) in the hope that I may
serve 1 person" more


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